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Viral Marketing Know How

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What Is Viral Marketing? Viral marketing is unique and quite extraordinary. We share with friends and family the bargains or freebies we were able to get. If we can copy the freebie we will do it and give it to people that we know, if for no other reason than to make ourselves look good. Everybody knows somebody, and just like rumors, these freebies can spread fast. You can use viral tactics to market your newsletter, your web site, products and services you’re selling, practically anything. and you will have an opportunity to make a profit when someone clicks through […]

Going Viral: How to get the most out of your marketing

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Viral marketing has become a respectable and most importantly, very effective means of marketing among businesses worldwide – that’s if it is done correctly and respectfully. Correctly and respectfully? What does that mean? It means not abusing the system. It means using viral marketing tactics to spread the word about your business, your product and your service without offending others or being self-serving. But, viral marketing is inherently self-serving, isn’t it? Well, yes and no. To be truly effective, viral marketing must include a give and take approach. You must engage others, take part in conversation, and give as much […]